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Opening a document from the library
For your first trick, you’ll want to access the files you’ve uploaded. If you’re
thinking that you’ll have to paperclip this page for future reference, you’re
wrong — unless you just want to keep reminding yourself how easy it is to
work with the Office Live libraries.
1. Click Business Applications from the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page; then click Document Manager.
2. Click the tab that contains the saved file.
3. Click the file you’d like to see.
Documents: You’re prompted to save or open the document. If you
choose to open it, the document magically appears before your eyes.
Graphics: Right-click the graphic; choose Open to see it in an
enlarged version, or Save Picture As to save it to your computer.
Creating new folders
You can create folders in any of the Office Live libraries to help you keep the
contents organized in the same way you organize the files on your desktop
computer. In addition, should you synchronize your Library to Outlook, the
folders — and their contents — synchronize to Outlook.
After you save a document, you can’t move it into another folder. Your only
alternative is to open the file, save it to a new location, and then delete the
To create a new folder in an Office Live Library, follow these steps:
1. Open the Library for which you want to create folders.
In addition to the Document Manager application, you can create folders
in any of the other libraries you’ve created.
2. Click the New drop-down list and select New Folder.
The New Folder page opens.
3. Type the name of the folder and click OK.
Figure 16-3 shows several folders at the top of the Document Library.
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