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Figure 16-3:
Sending your files via e-mail
Creating a library page has several benefits. Obviously, you can access a file
when you want it — and where you want it. As a bonus, Office Live has also
thrown in a couple of handy capabilities: You can send your e-mail recipients
links to your documents and send graphic files directly from the library page.
Sending a graphic file
Here’s all you have to do to send someone a graphics file directly from a
picture library page:
1. Navigate to the picture library that contains the graphics you want
to send.
You’ll find one in the Document Manager application. In addition, you’ll
find them lurking in any of the Business Applications and/or Workspaces
that you might have added one to.
2. Check the check boxes of the graphics you’d like to send.
3. Choose Send To from the Actions drop-down menu.
A new e-mail page appears — and the graphics that you had selected
appear as attachments.
4. Fill in the recipient’s e-mail address, subject and add a message.
5. Click Send to send your e-mail — and the attached graphics — to their
intended destination.
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