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E-mailing document links
You might find it a bit strange — at least I do anyway — that the graphics and
documents libraries differ a bit. For example, the previous section showed
you how to e-mail a graphic by selecting it and choosing Send To from the
Actions menu. Therefore it seems only logical that the same procedure would
apply for sending a document. Wrong! When you e-mail an Office Live
document, you are actually sending a link to the document.
1. Navigate to the document library that contains the document you
want to send.
2. Click the drop-down to the right of the document name and select
Send To
E-mail a Link.
A new e-mail message opens with the link you’d like to send in the
message area.
3. Fill in the recipient’s e-mail address, add a subject, and add a message
to the hyperlink.
4. Click Send to send your e-mail on its way.
Verifying Your Versions
Sharing documents is a great time-saver, particularly for those of you who often
work from remote locations. Often just being able to download and review a
document is enough to make you a very happy — and productive — camper.
However, hosting shared documents in Office Live opens a whole other can
of worms. For example, two of your employees are collaborating on new sales
materials from separate, remote locations. They both download copies of
the same document and make changes to it. The first employee uploads the
document to the library when she is finished. An hour later, the second
leader uploads his copy of the document to the library and overwrites the
first employee’s document. Yikes!
The folks at Microsoft must have run into the exact same problem because
they came up with a great solution. Versioning enables you to track and
manage multiple versions of the same document — and to view and recover
earlier editions if necessary.
You can configure several settings that affect versioning, including which
type and how many versions to retain. You can also configure settings that
work hand in hand with versioning, such as requiring content approval or
that users must formally check out files from the library.
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