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This chapter focuses primarily on libraries. However, you can set up
versioning for most of your lists as well. For example, you might set up a training
program and want to know how often someone has tweaked the curriculum.
You set up versioning for lists in exactly the same way you do for libraries.
However, in lists, all versions are tracked in the same way; you won’t have as
many options available to you.
You can’t tell your version
without a number
When you enable your documents for versioning, Office Live supplies the
versions numbers as you create them. In a list or in a library with simple
versioning enabled, version 1 is the first version that you create or upload; each
time you make a change the version number increases by increments of
whole numbers, as in version 2, version 3, and so on.
When you track Major and Minor versions, the Major versions are whole
numbers, and the Minor versions are decimals. For example, 1.0 is the first
(and first Major) version of a file, 1.3 is the third Minor version of a file, 2.0
is the second Major version of a published file.
Sound confusing? It can be. However, you might consider creating a custom
library view that includes the Version, Modified, and Modified By columns so
that you — and the rest of your cronies — can see where the document
stands at a glance.
Starting at the beginning is always a good thing, so start by enabling versioning:
1. Open the list or library that contains the document(s) for which you’d
like to enable versioning.
If this instruction sounds vague, it’s because in addition to the
Document Library, you might have library pages sprinkled throughout
the various Office Live applications and workspaces.
2. Choose Document Library Settings from the Settings drop-down menu.
The Customize page shown in Figure 16-4 opens.
If you are setting up versioning for a list, choose List Settings from the
Settings drop-down menu and a slightly modified version of this page
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