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5. Specify your Document Version History settings.
You have a couple of options here:
Create a version each time you edit a file in the document library:
Select No Versioning, Create Major Versions, or Create Major and
Minor (Draft) Versions.
Major versions label each new version with a whole number (1, 2,
3 . . .) and Minor changes label them with decimal numbers (0.1,
0.2, 1.1 . . .).
When you turn on versioning for a document library, any new
documents are automatically labeled as version 1.0.
Keep the following number of versions: To help manage storage
space — and avoid too much confusion — you can specify how
many versions you want to store: Select this check box, and then
type the number of versions you want to keep.
Keep drafts for the following number of Major versions: Select the
check box, and then type the number of drafts that you want to
keep. By default, each Major version can have up to 511 drafts.
Wondering what a draft is? Office Live uses the term synonymously with
Minor version .
If you limit the number of retained versions, you should make sure that
contributors are aware that earlier versions are permanently and
automatically deleted when the version limit is reached — as in: They’re
not even sent to the Recycle Bin. They’re just trashed. And if you keep
Minor versions, the Minor versions are deleted right along with the
Major versions. For example, if you limit the versions to 20 — and
your users manage to create 25 — only versions 6 through 25 are kept.
Versions 1 through 5 get zapped — along with their children 1.1, 2.12,
and 3.17.
6. Specify the Draft Item Security settings.
With a horde of Major and Minor versions wandering around, many of
your users could end up in a major state of confusion. You might want to
cut through that confusion by restricting access to Minor draft versions.
7. Indicate your Require Check Out preference.
Just like the local library requires you to have a valid library card in
order to check out a book, Office Live can require you to check out
documents before you can edit them. And with all those Major and Minor
versions being passed around, it’s probably a great idea.
8. Click OK.
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