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3. Save your changes.
You receive the prompt shown in Figure 16-7 asking you very nicely if
you’d like to check the document back in.
Figure 16-7:
Would you
like to check
the file in?
4. Click Yes at the prompt.
After you agree to check the file back in, you receive yet another prompt
shown in Figure 16-8.
Figure 16-8:
5. Fill in the Check In information and then click OK.
If a library tracks versions, you can indicate whether this is a Major or
Minor revision; don’t worry about the version number because Office
Live handles that for you. You can also opt to overwrite the previous
Minor revision, and add a comment if you’d like.
Getting the seal of approval
By default, when you check out a file it has a Pending status and is only visible
to its creator and to people with permission to manage lists. When you check in
a file with a Major version change, the file still has the Pending status. The file
remains in a Pending state until approved or rejected by someone who has the
needed permission to approve it. If the item or file is approved, the status is
changed to Approved and other users can once again access the file. If the item
or file is rejected, it remains in a Pending state and is visible only to its creator.
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