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Minor versions are considered drafts that are still being developed, so they
don’t appear as pending items and don’t require approval.
Here’s how you can Approve — or Reject — a Pending document:
1. Click the drop-down arrow of the document that requires approval
and choose Approve/Reject.
Documents that require approval have Pending status.
The Approve/Reject page opens, as shown in Figure 16-9.
2. Indicate your approval status and an optional comment.
Here’s where you can decide if the document is Approved, Rejected, or
should remain in Pending mode.
3. Click OK to save your changes.
The document now appears in the library with the new status, if you
approved it.
Figure 16-9:
Putting your
seal of
approval on
a pending
Who says you can’t change history?
The versioning process follows a very logical progression from start to finish —
you create a document, check it out, make a few revisions, and then check it in.
And, if you’re not the head cheese, the person who is can wave the imperial
magic wand and approve your document.
The main reasons to make use of versioning have to do with limiting the
confusion that happens when a lot of folks put their spoons into the same dish.
You can be pretty certain that somewhere along the line a conflict will occur.
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