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Take this scenario, for example: You are working on the company brochure
with another associate. You check out the brochure, make changes to it, and
check the document back in. Your boss, Mr. Pinhead, approves the new
brochure version — not realizing that you had inadvertently deleted the
entire last page. Your associate calls that mistake to your collective attention.
Needless to say, you’ll want to restore a prior version — and Office Live lets
you do just that.
Here’s how you can view all the previous versions of a document:
1. Click the drop-down arrow of the document for which you’d like
to view the prior versions, and then choose Version History.
The Version History page opens (see Figure 16-10), showing you all
existing versions of the document.
Figure 16-10:
versions of
a document.
2. Click the version you’d like to review and click Open.
You can now view the prior version. But wait — there’s more!
3. Close the version you are currently viewing.
4. Hover your mouse pointer over the version name until the drop-down
arrow appears, and then click the arrow.
You have a couple of choices here because you can choose to view,
restore, or delete the version. If you choose to restore the version, you
receive a warning telling you that you’re replacing the latest version
with the version you just selected.
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