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5. Click OK to replace the latest version, or Cancel if you’d like to think
about it for a moment.
If you’d prefer not to wipe out the newest version, you can always view
the earlier revision, copy the needed parts into it, and paste it into the
newest version.
Issuing a library card
Versioning is a double-edged sword. It’s a great feature because it allows
multiple people to work on the same document without worrying that one user’s
revision will overwrite another’s. However, having all those versions around
can certainly confuse the masses. Typically, you’ll use Major revisions to
denote documents that have undergone Major changes. You typically create
Minor revisions, or drafts , when making small modifications such as
correcting misspellings and grammar.
Lists and libraries have permissions that correlate to both document versions
and check-out status. An Office Live administrator can edit permission levels
to include customized permission levels. Permissions help restore order to
what could become a very chaotic procedure. For example, you may want
someone to be able to delete versions of a file without having permission to
delete the file itself.
These are the different permissions you can assign:
Full Control: Can view and delete versions, override Check-Out, approve
new and changed items, and change user access.
Design: Can view and delete versions, override Check-Out, and approve
new and changed items.
Contribute: Can view and delete versions.
Read: Can view versions.
You can specify which groups of people can view drafts of files. This setting
can be different from the setting for the group of people who can view the
rest of the items in your list or library (such as the Major versions of files or
the approved files or list items).
When you track Major and Minor versions, you can specify whether people
must have permission to edit files before they can view and read a Minor
version. When this setting is applied, people who have permission to edit the
file can work on the file, but those who only have permission to read the file
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