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Chapter 17
Who’s Minding the Store?
In This Chapter
Getting to know the Company Administration tools
Keeping track of the company assets
Using the employee directory
Dealing with expenses
Hiring and firing
Training your employees
If you own a company, you have to take care of two important areas: your
customers and your company itself. This chapter focuses on the latter through
the use of the Company Administration applications. Company Administration
helps you with several of the more mundane aspects of running a business. You
can keep track of your assets with Company Assists. The Jobs and Hiring
application can help you hire — and fire — employees. You can make sure new —
and existing — hires receive the necessary training with the Training module.
You even have access to the Employee Directory where you can log in all the
important information for each employee. Finally, it’s bound to happen that
you’ll have to pay back some of your employees for expenses they’ve incurred
on behalf of your company; the Expenses application is up to that challenge.
You must have an Office Live Premium account to make use of Company
Administering to Your Company
with Company Administration
Microsoft feels that forty bucks a month is a small price to pay a Human
Resource (HR) specialist — or at least the Company Administration in the
Business Applications. You might find that your headaches start as your
company grows and you begin to hire more people. And, as you add more
employees, you’ll probably be adding equipment for them to use — and
you’ll want to track the whole shebang.
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