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Requesting an asset
After an asset or two is added to the Asset Requests list in the Company
Assets application, you can track requests for them. Alternatively you can use
this list to track assets usage. For example, say one of your employees is hot
to trot over a high-end laptop. You buy it, only to discover that he is the only
one requesting to use it. When he suggests (a year later) that you really need
to purchase a second laptop, you might just have a few second thoughts.
Here’s how you go about putting in a request for an asset:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page and then click Company Administration.
2. Click Company Assets in the Navigation bar.
The Assets list opens.
3. Click the Asset Request tab.
The Asset Request list opens, as shown in Figure 17-4.
Figure 17-4:
The Asset
Request list.
4. Click the New icon.
The Asset Request – New Item page opens; see Figure 17-5.
5. Fill in the Request form.
All the fields are required except for the Description field.
Asset Name: Choose the asset from the drop-down list. You might
chuckle a bit if you see items like “Bank Account” or “Cash in
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