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Registers” because all of the company assets appear in the list.
Don’t worry — chances are pretty good that the boss will turn
down your request to borrow the bank account for your trip to
South America.
Assigned To: Choose the name of the employee who is requesting
to use the asset from the drop-down list.
Request Status: Select a status of Not Started, Pending, In Progress,
Deferred or Completed.
Start Date: Enter when you’d like to start borrowing the asset.
Target Fulfillment Date: Fill in when you’ll return the asset.
Description: Add any additional comments you might have about
your request.
6. Click OK to save your request.
You return to the Asset Request list. Hopefully all your wishes, er
requests , will be granted.
Figure 17-5:
The Asset
You Can’t Direct Your Employees
without a Directory
Company Administration includes an Employee Directory where you can add
all the vital statistics about each of your employees. Or, if you share the
Employee Directory with your staff, they can update their own information
should it change — or access approved information about other employees.
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