Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Status: Choose New, Pending, Paid, or Deferred.
Employee: Select the name of the employee requesting the
Department Name: Include the department of the employee who
incurred the expense.
Expense Amount: Fill in the amount that you’re requesting.
Date Incurred: Show the date of the expense.
Date Paid: The boss or bookkeeper can fill in the Date Paid when
they (hopefully) pay you.
Expense Description: Add an optional description of the expense.
Comment: Add any additional comments you might have such as
“A lot of coffee makes me work faster” or “I have a bad back, which
requires that I fly only First Class.”
5. Click OK to save your changes and return to the Expense Reports list.
At this point it’s appropriate to cross your fingers and hope that the
boss won’t consider a $450 dinner for two “excessive.”
Figure 17-8:
Filling out
an Expense
Hanging Out the Help Wanted Sign
If you watch The Apprentice , you’re familiar with the long interview process
that goes into hiring a new employee. You can probably visualize The Donald
going into his Office Live account, adding notes about the various candidates.
In case you’re wondering where he’s tracking all that information, my guess is
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