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he’s using the Jobs and Hiring application to guide him through the hiring
process. (Well, okay, he might have other methods. But if he isn’t using this
application, he’s missing a bet.)
You get to the Jobs and Hiring application by following these steps:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page.
2. Click Company Administration on the Business Application’s
Navigation bar.
3. Choose Jobs and Hiring from the Company Administration
Navigation bar.
The Jobs and Hiring application opens, with the Requisition tab showing.
The Jobs and Hiring application has three tabs:
Requisitions: This list shows all the available job openings.
Candidates: This list displays the applicants who have applied for the
various positions.
Candidate Feedback: This list shows the various comments that your
staff has made about the candidate throughout the interview process.
Advertising for available positions
You might want to think of the Requisitions list as an online bulletin board
where you can advertise job openings. This can be helpful for a variety of
Employees feel like they’re in the loop of the hiring process. For
example, if one of your employees is swamped, knowing that
management is looking for an assistant will go a long way toward alleviating
job-related stress.
Employees can recommend candidates, saving expenses that would
otherwise go toward newspaper ads and employment agencies.
The company can promote in-house hiring by allowing existing
employees to have the first crack at interviewing for existing positions.
HR folks have an idea of what their workload is going to look like; for
example, if the company has six positions open for seasonal help, they
know they’re going to be plenty busy!
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