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Start Date: Enter the date on which the new hire is to start.
Hiring Manager: Choose the employee who is in charge of the
hiring process.
Priority: Select High, Medium, or Low.
Assigned To: Choose the employee responsible for filling the
new position.
Comments: Add any additional comments you might have.
5. Click OK to save your changes and return to the Requisitions list (see
Figure 17-10).
Figure 17-10:
Not all candidates get elected
After you post your various job openings on the Requisitions list, the next
step is to start interviewing candidates. The Candidates tab allows you to tie
the applicant to the opening. By changing the way in which you view the
Candidate list, you can see whether one candidate interviewed for several
positions, or get a list of all candidates who interviewed for the same
position. Should you fill one position, you might decide to place an eligible
candidate in another position.
Chapter 9 shows you how to change the list view by adding columns and
changing the sort and filter.
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