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Follow these steps to look at the Candidate list:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar of the Office
Live Home page and then click Company Administration.
2. Choose Jobs and Hiring from the Company Administration
Navigation bar.
The Requisitions tab opens.
3. Click the Candidates tab.
The Candidates tab snaps to attention, revealing the contents of the
Candidates list (see Figure 17-11).
Figure 17-11:
potential job
4. Click the New icon.
Candidates – New Item page opens, as shown in Figure 17-12.
5. Fill in as much pertinent information as you can.
Here the only required fields are the candidate’s Last and Full Name
fields, as well as the Referral Type field where you indicate how you
came to find out about the candidate. Optional are the Notes field
(where you can fill in any additional comments you have about the
candidate) and a Position field (where you can indicate the job position
that the candidate is hoping to fill). The remaining fields allow you to fill
in the candidate’s contact information (address, phone number and
6. Click OK to save your changes and to return to the Candidates list.
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