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Going Back to School
Congratulations! You survived the hiring process. You’ve posted job
openings, found a bunch of interested candidates, had several of your key
employees interview them — and hopefully you hired the most promising person.
Now comes the fun part. The new person arrives on his first day of work,
unpacks a few pictures and other pieces of personal memorabilia, and
spreads them around his office — and then sits staring blankly at the phone,
wondering how to make an outgoing phone call. Or maybe you’ve just
stocked a brand new product that you’re sure is going to be a hit during the
holidays. Unfortunately, your existing employees don’t have a clue about how
to turn on the hot little product — much less how to turn your customers on
to the hot new product.
You might also decide to run classes for your customers and prospects.
Perhaps you want to offer seminars to introduce folks to your new product
line. Or maybe you own a computer shop and want to run classes on various
popular software programs.
Whatever your training needs are, Office Live is up to the challenge. The
Company Administration application includes a Training module designed
to help you with your training needs. The Training consists of two parts:
creating a course and tracking enrollments.
Setting up a training program
The Training Courses tab of the Training module helps you plan your course
by making sure that you cover all bases. Before you advertise a training
program, get your ducks in a row and your details in order. A very smart person
once told me that when planning an event — and inviting people to attend —
it’s important to make sure to include information on the “who, what, where,
when, and why.” After all, attendees probably want to know such basics as
who is teaching the course, what the course will focus on, when and where it
is — and why they should attend.
Keeping your classes organized is surprising easy if you follow these steps:
1. Click Business Applications on the Navigation bar of the Office Live
Home page and then click Company Administration.
2. Choose Training from the Company Administration Navigation bar.
The Training Courses tab appears, as shown in Figure 17-14.
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