Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 1
Who Moved My Shrinkwrap?
In This Chapter
Understanding Software as a Service
Paying for the service
Adding additional users
Basic MOL concepts
Getting Help when you need it
Probably the most confusing thing about Office Live is the whole concept
of what Office Live is — and isn’t. You probably have a lot of questions, not
only about how to use the software, but also what exactly the software does.
Office Live is both brand new software and a brand new technology. In this
chapter, you find out about Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, who’s
paying for it, and how secure the system really is. You also find out a bit
about a few of the underlying concepts of Office Live. Finally, you discover
where to turn for help should the need arise.
Getting SaaSy with SaaS
It’s important to know the correct terminology for discussing software —
especially when attending cocktail parties and other social gatherings. If
you look for Office Live at your local computer store you won’t find it. That’s
because Office Live is not software in the traditional sense; there’s no
shrinkwrap to wrestle with and no CD to install. Office Live is a service — hence the
name Software as a Service .
I can hear some of you saying, “Ah, got it. This is like AOL.” The answer to
that is a definitive “kind of.” Services such as AOL allow you to connect to the
Internet, surf the Web, and send some e-mail. Office Live on the other hand
includes real live applications that you can use to increase your productivity
in both your home and office life.
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