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Figure 17-14:
The Training
Courses tab.
3. Click the New icon.
The Training Courses – New Item page opens; see Figure 17-15.
4. Start designing your training course.
Although only the Course Title and Date fields are required, I
recommend that you fill in all the fields; otherwise you might find yourself
teaching a class with no attendees.
Course Title: Supply a title for the training course. If the course is
mandatory for your employees, you have a captive audience and
the title doesn’t make a whole lot of difference. If you’re going to
be selling the class, however, then you’ll want to come up with an
eye-catching name.
Training Type: Select Classroom Online, Conference Call, or Other.
Instructor: Fill in the name of the course instructor.
Audience: Select Employee, Customer, or All from the drop-down list.
Location: Show the physical location of the training course.
Start Time: Indicate the starting date and time.
End Time: Indicate the ending date and time.
Description: Here’s where you can write a great description of the
course — particularly if you gave it an intriguing title that might
not have been absolutely clear.
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