Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 18
Ten Cool Benefits of Office Live
In This Chapter
Creating an image via e-mail
Getting a life — and a Web site
Using some really cool templates
Keeping track of your business, customers, projects, and employees
Growing your business
Sharing your accounting information online
Technology can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it can make
your life much easier and more productive. On the other hand, it can be
extremely difficult to master the current technology — much less keeping up
with all the new technology that is constantly thrown at you. You’ve probably
been lured — whether by television ads or a few of your nerdy relatives —
into thinking that it’s easy to master technology. You might also have a friend
or two who seems to really talk the technology talk and always knows about
the latest gadget or advancement.
What you might not realize is that those geeky types have spent hours of
their time — and probably buckets of their money — mastering technology.
Okay, the geek may sound really impressive at a cocktail party (if he ventures
out of his computer room long enough to attend one), but chances are still
pretty good that he hasn’t mastered anywhere near as much of that arcane
stuff as he’s led you to believe. And that friend of yours who seems to know
so much about technology might have an entire IT department at his disposal
that is ready to leap in should something go awry.
Fear not, technically challenged reader: You are not alone. In fact, even
Microsoft recognizes that you are actually in the vast majority of computer
users; that’s exactly why Microsoft developed Office Live.
Office Live is particularly well suited to the small-business community because
it allows small businesses to compete against the “big boys” without having to
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