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spend an arm and two legs on an IT department. Whether your company has a
handful of employees or you’re the one that wears all the hats Office Live can
offer you simple, low-cost solutions to your technology nightmare.
It was hard for me to limit myself to ten items — but here’s my list of the ten
features of Office Live that you’ll particularly want to focus on to increase
your bottom line.
Use a Suite Is Sweet
If you’re new to the business world — or at least you entering the business
arena for the first time as the owner of one — you’ll definitely want to give
Office Live a look. There is a plethora of software that every business needs —
and scheduling, contact management, word processing, and accounting
programs are at the top of that list. Unfortunately, as the list of business start-up
costs gets larger and larger, the software budget gets smaller and smaller. And
that’s assuming you can install all the software and get it working on your
own, without the help of the IT guru. And (of course) you’ll want to keep your
fingers crossed while you hope desperately that all the software will play
nicely together once you’ve installed it.
Office Live comes with all the business tools necessary to run a business.
Just as importantly, they all actually work together correctly. And, because
Office Live is a Microsoft product you’re pretty much assured that it plays
nicely with your other Microsoft products including Word and Excel.
Using a suite of products has another advantage as well. In general, the cost
of purchasing a suite of products is a fraction of the cost of buying each
product separately.
Create an E-mage
Image is everything — at least, it is if you’re trying to create the image that
you are a big time operator. Depending on the nature of your business, your
customers may not need to come to your office. If this is the case, you
probably want to project the image that you are operating from large, imposing
corporate headquarters rather than from a tree house in your backyard.
Having customized e-mail addresses is one way to help you project that image.
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