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Here are a few of the ways in which Office Live e-mail helps improve your
business persona — and your bottom line:
Look professional: You e-mail address might be the first contact that
you have with a potential client. If you’re counting pennies you might
have signed up for a free e-mail account with Yahoo! or Google. You
might even have an AOL account that you’re using. These programs are
fine if you’re looking to attract customers who are also looking to pinch
a few pennies. But if you’re looking to attract corporate clientele, these
free e-mail addresses scream “small-time operator.” That potential client
will view you as a little guy rather than as a sophisticated player in the
corporate world.
Promote your Web site: You may not realize it but some of your potential
clients might use your e-mail address as a means of scouting out you —
and your business. If you use a Yahoo! or AOL e-mail address your
prospective customer has little else to go by when it comes to learning
about your company. However, having an e-mail address such as allows that prospect to scurry over to your Web
site — — and find out the latest and greatest
about your company.
Multiple e-mail addresses: As your company grows and you hire
employees, you’ll need additional e-mail addresses. You might also want to add
e-mail addresses to help you route incoming messages to the correct
place; for example, you might use the address to
help you sort through incoming inquiries and
to help you take care of customer-service issues.
Creative marketing: E-mail is not just an alternative form of
communication; it also offers the potential for much more imaginative marketing.
You can include links to your Web site — or even to specific products
and services on your site. You can use e-letterheads to enhance your
Cost-efficient advertising: E-mail is pretty much instantaneous. You can
keep your customers informed of changes to your business immediately
without having to wait for the printer to print a brochure and someone
to spend the time folding and stuffing your missive. E-mail is cheap —
you don’t have to spend money on stamps, printing, and envelopes.
Considering that even the basic version of Office Live lets you set up 25
e-mail accounts — for free — it seems silly not to use at least one of them.
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