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Have a Web Site
A Web site can benefit your business in a million ways. Okay, you caught me —
there might not be a million but there sure is a huge bunch of ways that a Web
site can help grow your business. The Web provides all the benefits of other
advertising media — with several added features:
Advertise and reach prospects in a cost-efficient way. You can provide
your prospective clients with up to date information about your
business 24/7. Visitors can help themselves to that information; anytime,
anywhere, and as often as they wish — making them more likely to do
so. Best of all, the cost to you is negligible — no matter how often
prospects download your information.
Establish your company as a global player. Information about your
company is available to prospects around the world. Compare that to
the coverage you get when you take out an ad in that yellow phone book
or advertise in the local paper.
Compete at the same level as that of the “big boys.” Your Web site is your
virtual office — decorate it as you’d like to present your image. Reinforce
corporate and brand identity. Look professional — even if you run your
business sitting in your living room wearing your footed pajamas!
Interact with customers. Include forms for customer service. Collect
e-mail addresses and other information through the use of prospect
forms. Conduct market research through the use of surveys on your
Web site. Set up individualized portals for your clients to build customer
Attract more business. More and more people now buy on the Internet
because of the convenience and the variety of goods that are available.
For your part, these orders translate into reduced transaction costs
because you don’t need to have someone personally jotting down each
new order. Add in the capability to integrate with your Accounting
software and you can laugh all the way to the bank.
Have a Cool-Looking Web Site
If many of you consider yourselves technologically challenged, I can
empathize with that — because I’m artistically challenged.
Traditionally, the best way to create a neat-looking Web site has been to hire
a really good graphic artist. Once that’s done, you spend a couple of hours
explaining the image you’d like the artist to create for your business. Then
you wait a week or two, pay a very large bill for services rendered, and
decide that nope, the image isn’t exactly what you wanted.
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