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The other huge benefit of SaaS is that you can share your data with other
people in other locations. For example, a Little League coach can share the
team’s schedule and roster with the rest of the team, or a project manager
can assign tasks to other members of the company’s project team.
A Rose Is a Rose Is an Office Live
If you have children, you know that one of the hardest things to do is to give
them names. You can take the road frequently traveled and call them Jennifer
and Jason . You can take the road less frequently traveled and call them Apple
or Dweezil. You can even name a son — or in George Foreman’s case five
sons — after his father.
Apparently Microsoft had a similar struggle with naming its new baby. Office
Live must have seemed like a great idea at the time but unfortunately it
sounds alarmingly close to several other popular Microsoft products.
Do not confuse Office Live with the following:
Microsoft Office: Office is a suite of software that contains goodies such
as Word, Excel, and Outlook. Office Live is most definitely not an online
version of Office.
Microsoft’s Live Search engine: Microsoft recently launched a new
search engine found at Live has nothing to do with
Office Live (other than the fact that they sound so darn similar!).
Office Online: Microsoft has a Web site that allows you to find out all
kinds of neat information about the Microsoft Office products. And to
make matters even more confusing, it has a direct link to Office Live.
You’ll probably never know for sure whether this naming overlap was
intentional or simply an oversight by some befuddled project manager who will
spend the rest of his days exiled in Siberia. However, don’t be surprised if you
frequently land in the wrong portion of cyberspace!
So what exactly is Microsoft Office Live?
Probably the hardest thing you’ll have to do with Office Live is to explain
exactly what it is. Microsoft Office Live provides your company with a free
domain name, Web site, and e-mail accounts. Additionally, Office Live offers
several business-management applications — for example, tools for
managing customers, projects, and documents. Office Live throws in the capability
to create an intranet where you and your closest friends or enemies can work
together and share information online.
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