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Microsoft has taken the pain out of designing a Web site by hiring a small
armada of professional designers to create virtually hundreds of Web page
designs. You can easily scroll through the designs and choose the one that
strikes your fancy. Then, if you’re still not entirely satisfied, you can
personalize the design by changing the color and fonts, and by adding your own logo
or graphics.
Your Web site isn’t the only portion of Office Live that you can customize.
You can create custom, personalized sites where your clients can access
shared information.
Become an Internet Marketing Guru
Unfortunately, “if you build it, they will come” is not an adage that applies to
Web sites. Once you build your really cool looking Web site you have to
attract the masses to it. Office Live realizes that and has added a number of
tools to send you on your e-marketing way.
Office Live provides you with some simple tips for getting your site indexed.
Once indexed, Office Live provides you with the direct links for submitting
your site to the major search engines. You even get hints about ways to
entice other sites to link to your site.
Pay-per-click is an effective, although somewhat confusing, way to drive
potential customers to your Web site. AdManager, available in all versions of
Office Live, makes this somewhat complicated form of advertising bullet
proof. Basically, you use adManager to create and purchase pay-per-click ads
that appear on the Windows Live Search site. If you sell widgets, for example,
you would determine how important it is to have your site appear at the top
of the list when a prospect searches for the keyword widgets . You pay for that
“ad” each time a prospect clicks on your link. AdManager helps you
determine a monthly advertising budget and you can decide how much to pay for
each keyword click. When your ad-click costs match your set budget, your ad
stops appearing in the sponsored ad areas for that keyword.
Connect to Your Office Anywhere
If you are just dipping your big toe into the technology pool, Office Live is a
great way to get your feet wet. Many newbie computer users “assume” that
it’s easy to work remotely. Then, once they realize how truly complicated it
can be, they give up entirely. Enter Office Live, sporting several ways you can
turn your office into a traveling road show. Microsoft has truly taken the
difficulty out of these processes. The result is that you can look like a technology
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