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Prior to Office Live you could access your office data from your home or
other remote location but it wasn’t an easy — or inexpensive — proposition.
You could hire an IT geek to install a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or
Remote Desktop Sharing. You could purchase a service such as GoToMyPC
and pay a monthly service charge. With the basic version of Office Live,
however, you can access your e-mail, contacts, and calendar from wherever your
travels take you.
Telecommuting is the trend of the twenty-first century. Employers love the
concept of spending less money on office space and furniture, and employees
love the idea of spending fewer hours commuting to work each day. Prior to
Office Live if several people needed to access the company data, you took
out a mortgage and installed something along the lines of a terminal server —
which meant that you needed to purchase an expensive new computer in
addition to the services of your local IT geek. Ka-ching! Office Live is truly an
extraordinary value when you compare its price tag to the traditional cost of
sharing data. For a mere $20/month, ten of your cohorts can access your data
anytime — from anywhere. Bump it up to $40/month and you have 20 people
accessing your most critical data — or at least the parts of it that you’re
willing to share with them.
Have 24/7 Access to Your Outlook Data
Microsoft Outlook 2007 is probably the database of choice for most
businesses. Companies love to interface Outlook with a variety of other Microsoft
Office products. The Microsoft Office Live Essentials and Premium
subscriptions enable you to access all your Microsoft Office Live Mail information
through Outlook so you can manage your e-mail, contacts, calendars, and
tasks, even when you’re not connected to the Internet.
The Outlook Connectivity feature also enables you to do the following:
You can access, send, and receive e-mail messages from multiple
Microsoft Office Live Mail accounts in Outlook.
You can also create multiple calendars and sets of contacts in Outlook.
All of this information synchronizes with Office Live. Any changes you
make in Outlook — deleting messages, adding new contacts, scheduling
a meeting — are automatically synchronized and reflected in your
Microsoft Office Live Mail account.
Changes you make while working offline are synchronized to Office Live
when you connect to the Internet.
You see all that Outlook data from virtually anywhere by accessing your
Office Live account.
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