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Improve Your Communication Techniques
For many of you, creating and maintaining a Web site is a big step. Therefore,
the idea of also building a private internal Web site or intranet might seem
daunting, to say the least. Before Office Live, mostly large organizations with
a full-time IT staff had intranets. Now smaller companies can enjoy the
benefits of intranets by creating Workspaces in Office Live:
Your employees can use a Workspace to find information as needed
rather than being swamped with e-mails.
You can create a company workspace to post company policies,
procedures, weekly reports, and memos to keep everybody on the same page.
You can reduce the need for meetings by allowing project information to
be viewed by employees, customers, and vendors.
Your customers can access up-to-date information about their accounts
or projects.
Your accountant can use a Workspace to view financial information
created in Microsoft Office Accounting Express 2007.
Share Your Files
If you’ve tried to send files via e-mail lately, it’s more than likely you’ve run
into a few snags like these:
The files are too large to send via e-mail.
Your recipient’s e-mail program prevents him or her from downloading
the file.
You have to repeat the process each and every time you make a change
to the file.
If you need to share files with your customers or other members of your staff,
you’ll find that Office Live is a great solution. After you upload files to your
Office Live site your other users can view or download them whenever —
and wherever — they want. And, should your company be collaborating on
shared documents, an Office Live Premium account allows you to check
those files in and out so that you can keep track of the various versions of the
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