Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 19
Ten Types of People Who Could
Benefit from Office Live
In This Chapter
Business people who can get a boost from Office Live
Personality types who can get a break from Office Live
Leaders of clubs, teams, and organizations who can get a hand from Office Live
So just who should be using Office Live? Everyone! Okay, easy answer. But
it’s hard to imagine someone who couldn’t make use of Office Live —
particularly when you consider that you can use it absolutely free of charge.
In this chapter, I give you a few portraits of the people I feel can benefit the
most from Office Live.
The Big Cheese
You might wonder why a successful CEO or business owner might decide to
switch to Office Live. Well, chances are pretty high that if you’re a CEO you’re
the one who has to deal with the problems when the company software runs
amuck. And, because your signature appears on the bottom of every
company check, you’re the very person who has to pay for those problems. For
you, the Big Kahuna, Office Live represents a low-cost, easy way to keep your
finger on the pulse of your company.
If you’re a CEO, you wear a lot of hats and have lots of responsibilities. You
want to know what your salespeople are doing and how your customers are
being treated. You want to make sure you’re retaining your current customers
by providing an excellent level of customer service and developing lasting
relationships. You’re looking for software that can automate your business
and make your employees more productive in less time. If you’re in charge of
a large business, you want to improve communication among your
employees. If you run a small business, you have to rely on a small staff to complete
a multitude of tasks. Office Live helps accomplish all these goals.
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