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The Real Brains behind the Operation
Whether your boss calls you a Secretary or an Administrative Assistant, no
one doubts that you are the glue that keeps the business together, the bright
blue sports drink that keeps the business up and running. You are the
underpaid and overworked individual who is responsible for:
Knowing, organizing and scheduling everyone’s activities
Knowing the contact information of every employee, customer,
prospect, and vendor that has ever come into contact with the business
Finding files and documents that no one else seems to be able to put
their hands on
Remembering the birthday of the boss’s significant other
In general, you’re lucky just to find all of this pertinent information, much
less have the time to enter it into multiple computers. Office Live provides
you with a great tool to keep yourself — and everyone else — organized.
The Sales Star
If you’re a salesperson, your goal is make money. Your boss measures your
success in dollars and not in how much information you manage to enter into
a database. In fact, if you’re tied to your computer, you’re probably not
focusing on the task at hand.
With Office Live, you can run around the planet making sales — and access
contact information when and where you need it. For example, you can
access a list of your products from any computer, rather than having to carry
around all that pricing information in your briefcase — or in your head. You
can enter in new contact information, or even generate a quote, while sitting
in the airport if necessary. In the meantime, the home office knows exactly
what you’re up to without your having to send a mountain of e-mail or make a
ton of phone calls.
The Disorganized Person
You can spot a disorganized person walking down the street — the ones with
sticky notes stuck to their foreheads and papers trailing out of their
briefcases. If that sounds like you, I’ll hazard a guess that your address book — if
you have one — is hardly legible because a half-inch film of white-out covers
many of the phone numbers. Your calendar isn’t in much better condition —
if you can find it.
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