Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Because you’re disorganized you often mumble to yourself, trying to
remember some tidbit of information that escapes you just now. This adds to your
stress level, makes people look at you strangely, and scares young children.
While Office Live won’t miraculously transform you into Mr. Clean or Ms.
Super Exec, it does give you a place to keep your “stuff.” It’ll keep your
addresses and schedule in one neat place — and you won’t even have to find
a place in some messy closet to store the software box!
The Efficient (or Lazy?) Person
There’s nothing wrong with being lazy. In fact, there is a very thin line between
being efficient and being lazy. Think it through: Lazy people know it’s more fun
to play than to work. Therefore the goal of all lazy people should be to do
more work in less time so they have more time left over to play. So don’t think
of yourself as lazy — you’re efficient ! Provided you can make it work.
So just how can Office Live help you to become that lazy, er, efficient
individual? Well for one thing you’ll have all the pertinent information that you
need, right at your fingertips. You’ll never miss a meeting, and you’ll have a
clear list of all the tasks at hand. And, if you’re assigned to work on a major
project, you’ll be able to perform my favorite trick — delegate the job to
someone else!
The One-Person Business with
Champagne Tastes and
a Beer Budget
Office Live was truly created for the little guy who wants to compete with the
Big Guys — but doesn’t necessarily have the budget to do so.
Big Guys — or, in this case, large corporations — generally have the following
things in common:
Big, fancy Web sites that they spend a lot of money to host and update
Multiple e-mail addresses for their various employees and departments
that their IT department maintains
Expensive contact-management and accounting software and a full time
staff install and update it
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