Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Remote hosting solutions so they can access their information online
An outside vendor for their e-marketing needs — offering everything
from Web site optimization and pay-per-click to mass e-mailing
IT departments that create private “portals” for their best customers
You’ll notice that all these features have two things in common: They give the
business a professional appearance and cost a whole lot of money.
Coincidentally, Office Live offers you those same exact services for just
pennies. Hmm, you might just think Microsoft knows a thing or two about
running a large, professional organization — and the size of the pockets of
smaller businesses.
The Techno-Phobic
If you find yourself nodding yes as you read the following list, you just might
suffer from technophobia:
The thought of having a Web site for your company is way beyond your
realm of expectation.
The thought of creating a Web site is enough to send cold chills down
your spine.
If your customers want more information, you’re more than happy to
stuff your latest price sheet into an envelope and send it to them — as
soon as you pick up your new brochures from the printer.
Telephones were invented long before computers. By golly, if your
customers want to get in touch with you, they can pick up the phone.
Your marketing campaign consists of an ad in a big yellow book.
Your IT needs are handled by the high school kid who lives down the
street — the one who seems to “know a lot” about computers.
If you’re a bit of a technophobe, your head probably spins any time someone
starts to rhapsodize about the latest technological advances. You might even
feel threatened by technology; after all, you’ve been running your business
using your trusty abacus with no problems so far.
Well, worry not, my friend: This software has your name written all over it.
Office Live simplifies some very complicated tasks. You set up just about
every feature through a wizard. There are lots of online instructions. The
interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate. And you don’t have to dive
into the whole thing head first. Start by utilizing the features that are most
important to you — and build from there.
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