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So far, much of this topic has been devoted to the entrepreneurial spirit who
runs — or is thinking of starting — a business. However, I just can’t miss the
opportunity to share some of the neat ways that Office Live can benefit your
personal life as well as your business life. I wouldn’t be surprised if you feel
the way I do about that: There is absolutely no reason that a club or
organization should not be taking advantage of a free Office Live Basic account.
Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You race home from work, pick up
the kids from soccer practice, throw some dinner on the table, and then sit
down to call the first five members of the soccer team to remind them that
it’s their duty to provide the refreshments for Saturday’s game. You hunt
around for the team roster, which you find wadded up in the glove
compartment of your car. You get involved in a long conversation with the third
person on your list, who just has to catch up on the latest gossip. In the
meantime the first person you called is already calling you to tell you that her
kid won’t be at the game on Saturday. By that time you’re too tired to call the
next people on your list, and go to bed frustrated.
With Office Live you could set up a game schedule that is accessible to all
members of your team. They could also see any schedule changes any time
they occur. The schedule could include other team responsibilities as well —
saving the need to print instructions and/or make a ton of phone calls.
Contact information could be kept online, again eliminating the need for
photocopying and telephoning. Team members could actually update their
contact information should it change or be incorrect. What a concept!
You’d probably find a team Web site unnecessary — unless, of course, you’d
want to post pictures of the team and include a few words about the various
people who have contributed to the success of the team.
If you’re the Official Team Mom and/or Coach, you’d probably love to have a
team e-mail address — particularly if your boss frowns at the thought of your
receiving personal e-mail at work.
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