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In Depth Information
Office Live comes in three sizes — small, medium, and large — although
Microsoft calls them Basics, Essentials, and Premium. The bigger the size, the
more features you’ll have.
Personally, I suggest you begin by explaining Office Live using very politically
correct terminology. The following is an example:
You might consider Office Live to be a contact manager because it allows
you to keep track of all of your contacts.
Office Live is a scheduler because it allows multiple people to access the
same calendar.
Office Live is a service because you can only use it while connected to
the Internet.
Office Live is an application suite because it includes several
applications or programs that help you organize your business.
Office Live is an application developer because it helps you develop and
maintain a Web site.
Office Live is a hosting service because it not only hosts your Web site, it
also hosts documents and other information that can be shared by your
multiple partners-in-crime.
If your friends continue to look at you rather blankly, at least you have
established that your knowledge of computing is equal to — if not greater than —
theirs. At that point, you may wish to start listing some of the wonderful
features of Office Live.
What does Office Live do?
Although Office Live does not offer the Microsoft Office suite as a part of this
online offering, it does offer many of the tools that a business needs — at a
fraction of the price you’d usually pay for them. Besides allowing you to have
more free time — which means you have more play time — Office Live
delivers a nice little shopping list of features you might want to show your friends
as you sit poolside sipping your margarita:
A company domain name, hosts it for free, and helps you to market it.
At least twenty-five company e-mail addresses so you can say good-bye
to your unprofessional Hotmail, Google, Yahoo!, and AOL monikers.
A password protected private Web site (an intranet ) for sharing
information with key contacts, and over 20 Internet-based applications that can
help you automate common business tasks such as contacts, projects,
and document management.
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