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Are There Hidden Costs?
Theoretically, Microsoft could raise — or lower — the pricing at any time.
Because the subscriptions are charged monthly rather than annually,
however, you can bail immediately if a price increase occurs. However, Microsoft
is hoping that if you start with the Basic subscription you will soon outgrow
it and want to add additional services. Fortunately, expanded service comes
with a very small price tag.
Here are some areas that might start costing you a bit extra each month:
Upgrading: If you’re yearning for a few extra features, they’re available —
but keep in mind that you’ll have to pay for them.
Space: Office Live comes with ample storage space. If you build a Web
site with dozens of pages, graphics, and files, however, you might need
to purchase additional storage space.
Bandwidth: Bandwidth becomes a factor if tons of users all hit your Web
site at the same time. If you start experiencing a lot of visitors, Office
Live politely informs you that Microsoft is going to start charging you for
additional bandwidth.
Additional users: If your business grows beyond twenty users, you’re
hit with an additional charge.
Additional mailboxes: Need more mailboxes? Office Live is happy to
supply you with them — for an additional charge.
adManager: Pay-per-click is available with all levels of Office Live. There
is an additional cost for this service, although you can determine your
advertising budget in advance.
What if I Don’t Need All the Features?
Office Live tries to address nearly every business-application need. The
feature structure is pretty simple. All versions allow you to set up multiple
e-mail accounts, create a Web site, use Office Accounting Express 2007, and
share your information with multiple users. Office Live Essentials throws
Business Contact Manager into the mix, along with some extra storage space.
The Premium version includes Project Manager, Sales Manager, Document
Manager, Time Manager, and Company Administration.
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