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has undergone the SDL process is decidedly more secure than the software
developed by the high school kid down the street.
Once the software is tested — and retested — your next concern might be
about how easy it is to hack into your individual site. The data you store on
Office Live is stored in computer systems located in controlled facilities.
Additionally, Microsoft created an army of MPs, called the Microsoft Security
Response Center (MSRC). MSRC’s sole purpose in life is to protect Microsoft
customers from vulnerabilities in Microsoft software. The MSRC don dark
glasses and trench coats and snoop around looking for security leaks in
Microsoft software. If the MSRC finds something that is suspect, they get all
hot and bothered and moves in quickly to arrest all the bad guys. Okay, the
bad guys aren’t always arrested — but Microsoft is constantly searching for
security leaks in much the same way that your antivirus software looks for
new viruses.
Crash — am I dead yet?
Want to see a CEO change colors? Tell him that the server just crashed and
watch him go from red to white in sixty seconds; you might even see a few
lovely shades of purple along the way. Microsoft uses redundant hardware
and software systems to protect against system failures. Redundancy means
that Microsoft uses more than one server on a Web site to perform the same
party tricks. If one of the servers crashes, another server takes its place
without missing a beat. Redundancy ensures that your Web site continues to
function and your data continues to be safe and sound.
What happens if I hit the Delete button?
Accidents happen. Suppose you’re showing your boss all the neat sites
you’ve created in Office Live to house every last piece of critical company
information. And that the boss decides he’d like to play with all that neat,
critical, important information you’ve just spent days putting into Office Live.
And then suppose that the boss wonders what will happen when he hits that
pretty button with the red X that says Delete . When the message shown in
Figure 1-1 appears, he gets bored, doesn’t bother to read it, and clicks OK.
Figure 1-1:
Will this
really delete
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