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Not to worry. Microsoft maintains a backup copy of every Web site, all
business applications and each and every shared site. It creates a daily backup
copy of your data — so your backup data is one day old at most. A person
with Administrator permission can restore the Web site or the business
applications’ data from the backup at any time, saving his or her delicate derrière.
Mama taught me to share
Just so you know: If you use Office Live in a standalone environment, you’ll
be the only one able to access your data. But getting your data to where it
needs to go might make you so mobile that you’ll seem like three people in
one body as you scurry from one place to the next with your PDA in one
hand and your laptop bag clenched in the other.
You’ll probably find that because of the way Office Live allows you to run
your business like a well-designed piece of machinery, you’ll soon need to hire
a couple of employees. My mother taught me that sharing is a good thing;
obviously Office Live’s mommy felt the same way, because you can share any
information you want with the other people in your organization — or with your
customers, for that matter. Of course, as your company expands, you might
have some remote workers that you’d like to keep in touch with. Although
smoke signals are kind of fun, you might prefer to have everybody (near or
far) access your information online so the whole operation has the most
upto-date information.
Come on in, the water’s fine
Whether you are expanding, or you already have a whole army of workers,
you can share your information so everyone in your organization can view
the same data. And you won’t have to buy a fancy-schmancy server to do so.
Access to Office Live can — and should be — controlled by the administrator
of the site. Administrators can grant access to users through specific levels of
permission. The administrator can set up new users as a Reader , Editor , or
Administrator :
The Administrator has full access to your site. He can set up new users,
decide which areas of Office Live users can access, and then access,
add, modify, and delete any information that he wants.
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