Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Editors have full access to the areas assigned to them by the
Administrator; they can add, modify, and delete information.
Readers (unfortunately) don’t always read the instructions — so they
have no more than read-only access to information to the areas assigned
to them by the Administrator.
Synchronize your Office Live data to your software
I’m the first to admit that I am not a workaholic. I think my Type A
personality combined with my intrinsic need to be lazy resulted in my love for Office
Live. To me, the only thing worse than working is repeating the same work
again a second time. Office Live very nicely synchronizes with several other
popular software products allowing you to avoid the “that was so much fun
let’s do it again” syndrome.
If you are currently using Outlook or Outlook’s Business Contact Manger, you
can import your contacts directly from Outlook to Office Live. If you continue to
use Outlook to schedule your appointments, you can synchronize your Outlook
calendar with Office Live so you can view activities scheduled in Outlook
from Office Live. If you want to see your Office Live activities in Outlook, that
can also be arranged as well. You can even view your Office Live address
book in Outlook, or your Outlook address book in Office Live.
For you accounting types out there, double-entry means some fancy thing
you do with your accounting software. To the rest of us, double-entry sounds
like double-work, and that does not sound like a good thing! By using Microsoft
Accounting 2007 you can share your contact information among Office Live,
the main computer in your office, and your accountant.
My PDA is Pretty Darn Amazing
Sometimes no one is around to share with so you just might want to share
information with yourself. One way to do this is to purchase a Personal Digital
Assistant (PDA) or a s mart phone that is so smart that it combines the power
of a cell phone with a PDA. Some of you might have already nicknamed your
smart phones “My Life” because that is exactly what it contains. Office Live
can synchronize with virtually any handheld device that uses the Windows
Mobile operating system so that you can enter — or view — information from
either your phone or from Office Live. See your address book! See your
calendar! See your task list! See how easy it is to get a life.
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