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In Depth Information
What Are all These Darn
Ads Doing Here?
It’s pretty hard to escape advertising in this day and age. You see it on the
sides of buses, before the coming attractions at the movies, and even hanging
from an airplane as you sit watching a sporting event. Someone is paying big
time for all those advertisements, so you’d think they’re at least marginally
You don’t pay a fee to use an Office Live Basics account. So how can
Microsoft pay for your domain register, host your Web site, and allow you to
create 25 e-mail addresses for free? Easy. Microsoft places advertisements on
your site that you see each and every time you log on to it.
The good news is that even though you see ads from your site when you log
on to it, any visitors to your Web site are not subjected to advertising. They
do, however, know that Microsoft is hosting your Web site; Microsoft adds a
small Office Live logo to the bottom-right corner of your site.
You can bid those pesky ads adieu by subscribing to a fee-based account
(Essentials or Premium). Apparently, however, Microsoft doesn’t consider ads
touting other Microsoft products to be advertisements because you’re still
treated to a bit of up-selling even after you upgrade to a fee-based account.
Terms You Need to Know
There’s a toss-up as to who uses more acronyms and special naming
conventions: an IT department or our Federal government. Now you might want to
become a bit more proficient in MOL (Microsoft Office Live)-ese.
Here are a few terms you need to know when using Office Live:
Site: This is the main area where you store your data. Depending on
the version of Office Live that you use, you can create multiple sites to
divide your business into separate areas. For example, you can create
sites for a specific project, vendor, customer, or employee. Sites allow
you to control which people have access to its content. You’ll also
create a Web site, which is open to the public.
Templates: Templates are predesigned forms for those of you who are
hesitant to design your sites from scratch.
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