Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Dashboard: In much the same way the dashboard on your car gives you
a bird’s-eye view of how your car is running, Office Live’s shows you the
various facets of your business in one central location.
Web part: You can customize dashboards to provide you with the
information that you specifically want to see. A Web part is one of those
sections of information.
List: A list is a collection of data arranged in columns and rows. Typically
you enter your data into a form; after you’ve input it, you can view it in
list format — and even determine which pieces of data you’d like to see.
For example, once you start adding contacts to Office Live, you might
want to see their phone numbers and mailing addresses — and then
arrange them alphabetically by their company names.
Applications: The fee-based versions of Office Live provide you with a
bunch of business applications that help you with everything from
contact management, sales, and marketing to such daily concerns as
employees, timesheets, and company asset management.
Help Me, Rhonda! (Getting Support)
No matter how easy a piece of software is to use, you’re bound to have a
question from time to time. Of course, this topic answers the majority of
those — but should you run into problems, you have several places to turn
for additional support.
All users of Office Live can access help via e-mail, through an interactive chat
session with one of the Microsoft support staff or through a public support
forum. Only users with a paid subscription can access phone support; you’ll
have access to a 24/7 toll-free phone number that you can use and abuse
until you find the answers to your questions.
Good help is hard to find and nowhere does that adage hold truer than in
Office Live. You’ll find the link to the public forum on your home page. You
can find the various support options by clicking the help button at the
topright corner of Office Live and typing Tech Support in the search box. You’re
prompted to indicate the type of plan you have, and then you finally get to
the support options.
Office Live offers several great areas for you to explore:
The Help button is located in the upper-right corner of the Member Center
page. You can search for the answers to your most earth-shattering
questions. Figure 1-2 shows what the Office Live Help looks like.
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