Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 2
Picking a Flavor of Office Live
In This Chapter
Picking out an Office Live flavor
Incurring extra charges
Canceling your subscription
Many years ago, my daughter fell off the jungle gym at school; the
school nurse suggested that I call an orthopedic guy. I conquered the
phone maze and finally spoke to a nurse who asked whether my daughter
had injured her hand, wrist, finger, arm, elbow, or shoulder so that she could
schedule an appointment with the appropriate doctor. (Yikes. It seems that
even falling from playground equipment is a specialized sport!)
You get almost as many options with Office Live; it comes in three distinct
flavors. In this chapter, you find out about them all — and then decide which
flavor is right for you!
Taking the Taste Test
Before launching a new business — or inaugurating a new software system —
it’s always a good idea to sit down and determine your goals and needs.
Office Live offers various levels of service to subscribe to — you have to
decide which flavor of Office Live best fits your needs.
Office Live comes in three flavors: Basics, Essentials, and Premium. They
come equipped with slightly different features — and slightly different price
tags. Remember, Office Live is a subscription service — which means you
sign up to use the service and can discontinue it at any time.
Making the choice between these services is fairly easy. Plus, you don’t have
to feel like this decision is set in stone. You can start with any of the
subscription plans and move up — or down — to a different plan at any time.
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