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So what are the features you want to look for when you’re deciding which
subscription level is right for you? You might ask yourself the following questions:
How much do I want to pay for the service? Pricing for Office Live
ranges from free to $40 per month. Want more services? Shell out a few
more bucks. Want to test drive Office Live for free? Start with a Basic
If $40 a month seems an astronomical price tag to you, consider this: A
typical Web site can cost you around $20 per month to host; in addition,
you’ll probably pay around $10 to register your site — and around $15 a
year to reregister the site.
How much storage space do I need? All subscription plans come with a
generous amount of storage space. Typically, the larger your business
the more storage space you need. Here are a few of the factors that
determine how much space you’re going to need:
• The number of pages in your Web site
• The amount of graphics in your Web site
• The number of visitors who come to your Web site
• The number of users who access your Office Live data
• The number of shared “spaces” you’ll be setting up for your
Not sure how to calculate how much space you’ll need? Don’t worry.
Microsoft cheerfully informs you if you exceed your space limits — or
are coming close to exceeding them!
Do I have — or want to have — a professionally created Web site?
Although Office Live comes with a large variety of Web-site templates
you might prefer to have a more customized site.
Do I want my Outlook data to integrate with my Office Live content?
Do I want to create customized workspaces that my employees can
access to view information about current projects or to access
detailed information about my customers?
How many users will be accessing Office Live?
Do I need business applications to help track projects, sales,
documents, time, and/or contacts?
Do I want 24/7 telephone help?
After you make the determination how you’ll be using Office Live, your next
step is to pick the subscription plan that works best to help you achieve
your goals.
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