Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Storage space: You get 500MB of space with your Office Live account to
house your Web site. Trust me — 500MB is sufficient to build a fairly
large Web site!
E-mail accounts: You receive up to 25 e-mail accounts, each with a full
2GB of space. How much is 2GB of space? A lot! It’s hard to imagine
anyone outgrowing that much e-mail storage space.
Instant messaging: If you need to chat with your coworkers while
you’re on the phone with a client, or are trying to reach someone who is
sequestered in an all day meeting, you might want to take advantage of
Office Live’s instant messaging service.
Shared contacts: Although the address book that comes with Office Live
Basics isn’t as robust as the one that comes with Essentials and Premium,
you can share it with up to ten of your coworkers.
Calendar: Keeping up with your own busy schedule is a daunting task
for many of you. Keeping up with the schedules of all the busy people in
your organization is an impossibility — unless you can go online and
access their calendars — which is exactly what Office Live lets you do.
Windows Mobile-powered phone e-mail access: Who doesn’t have a cell
phone in this day and age? And, if you purchase one with the Windows
Mobile operating system in it, you can access your e-mail wherever your
travels take you.
Office Accounting Express 2007: If you have a business, you need some
sort of accounting software. Feel free to go out and buy one — or use the
free version that comes with Office Live Basics. (Even though it’s free, it
still allows you to list items for sale on eBay, view their status, and
process orders.)
Online and e-mail support: Just in case you lose your copy of this topic,
you might need to contact Office Live’s support for a little extra TLC.
Basics allows you to do just that via e-mail or online chat. You can also
view Online Communities to read questions — and answers — that have
been posted by other Office Live users.
Chocolate: Office Live Essentials
Whew! With all the neat features that you get with Office Live Basics it’s really
hard to imagine that Microsoft left anything out, or that you’d feel the urge to
upgrade to a fee-based service. Well, Microsoft added the Essentials
subscription if you would like to have a few higher-end tricks up your sleeve.
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