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Office Live Premium sets you back a whopping $39.95 a month. However,
when you consider that it feeds, er, supports twenty users you’ll think that
it’s a steal of a deal.
Here’s the skinny on the Premium features; thankfully, they won’t make you
gain any weight!
More Web site storage space: 2GB of Web-site storage.
Up to 50 e-mail accounts : Each with a full 2GB of space.
Synchronize your information with Outlook: If you’re using Outlook —
and who isn’t? — you can synchronize your e-mail, calendar, and
contacts to your Outlook data so that you’re up to date no matter where
your travels take you!
More workspaces: The Premium account increases both the number of
workspaces you can create — and the number of users who can access
them — to 20.
Online business applications: Essentials gives you a whole bunch of
nifty online business applications that allows you to manage your
projects, sales, employees, and company.
Adding a topping
Microsoft is hoping that you will fall so in love with Office Live that you’ll
never switch over to another product. Their thinking is that you’ll start with
a Basics or Essentials account and eventually end up with a Premium account.
But what happens if your company continues to grow? Well, after you take
that extended cruise you’ve always dreamed of, you’ll be happy to know that
Office Live can expand right along with you.
Of course, expansion does not come without a price. You can exercise a
number of fee-based options to expand the size of your Essentials or
Premium account:
Additional domain names: You can register additional domain names
for your business. Perhaps you’ve added another division to your
company and want to have a Web site for it. Or maybe you just want to have
a second Web site as another way of luring potential customers to your
primary Web site. Whatever the reason, you can purchase additional
domains at $8.95 per domain per year.
More e-mail accounts: It’s almost hard to believe that you could
outgrow the 50 e-mail accounts that Office Live Premium allots. If you find
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