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yourself in that situation, however, you can purchase additional e-mail
accounts — in bundles of five — for $2.95 per bundle per month.
Additional Web site storage: The Essentials and Premium accounts
come equipped with generous amounts of storage space (1GB and 2GB
respectively) to house the pages of your Web site. However, should your
Web site expand beyond those perimeters you can purchase more space
in 100MB increments for $4.95/month.
Additional shared sites and business applications storage: If you’re
storing a whole lot of shared documents on your Office Live site — or if
you want to create more workspaces — you can increase that storage
space as well in increments of 100MB for $4.95/month.
Additional shared site users: As your business grows — thanks no
doubt to Office Live — you might need to expand between the ten and
twenty user limits of the Essentials and Premium accounts. You can add
more users, in bundles of five at a time, for $11.95/month.
Additional bandwidth: When someone views your Web site or
downloads a file, bandwidth is used. If your Web site attracts a whole lot of
visitors and/or they are downloading large files you might be putting a
strain on the bandwidth that Microsoft has allotted you. Never fear —
you can increase that as well, if necessary. You can purchase additional
bandwidth in 24GB increments for $1.95 per month.
Signing On the Dotted Line
It’s always scary to submit your credit-card information online. All Office Live
subscriptions require that you submit your credit-card information, even if
you’re only registering for the free, Basics version. Microsoft has gone to
great lengths to make sure that this information remains safe and secure —
but then again, there are no guarantees in life (except for death and taxes). If
you want to play the Office Live game, you’ll have to abide by the Office Live
rules and fork over that credit-card information.
May I see your credit card, please?
You might be wondering exactly why Microsoft is requiring you to submit
your credit-card information for a free, Basics account. Microsoft wants to
make sure that you are a real, live, human being and not some spammer
hoping to set up hundreds of Web sites. Should Microsoft detect some risky
business originating from your Web site, the guys in black trench coats track
you down and put a stop to the nefarious dealings.
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