Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Chapter 3
Getting Office Live
Up and Running
In This Chapter
Signing up
Navigating around in Office Live
Asking others to join the party
Learning from the Learning Center
Giving Live the preferential treatment
Administering to the database
Managing the Member Center
Y ou’ve signed up for Office Live, you have your domain name, you’ve
thought about what you want to accomplish with your Web site . . . now
what? You’ve already done your homework by studying all that Office Live
has to offer and deciding on the flavor that best suits your need. Now you
need to get your Office Live site up and running. Fortunately, you’ll find that
setting up your account is a snap. This chapter walks you through the initial
setup, gives you a guided tour of Office Live, and even leads you through
adding a few new users to the mix.
Creating a New Account
Starting at the beginning is always a good idea, so that’s exactly where you
should start — by going to the Office Live Web site at www.officelive.
com (shown in Figure 3-1). You can set up your Web site with the Getting
Started Wizard.
If you have previously used Hotmail or MSN or created a Microsoft Passport,
you can skip this step. Simply log in to Windows Live ID before starting the
Office Live setup. It saves you a couple of steps down the road.
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