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Tips for picking a good domain name
I’m not sure which is harder — naming your kid
or naming your Web site. Hopefully, both will be
with you for a long time to come! You’ll
probably have to try half a dozen possibilities before
you find a great domain name that someone
isn’t already using. Here are a few tips:
world or universe as a second word to
make your business sound even bigger than
it really is.
Use the .com or .net extensions: There are
a lot of newer extensions such as .biz ,
.info and .us . You’ll probably want to
avoid using them unless you want to send
potential clients over to your competitor’s
KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid): Remember:
People are going to have to type your
domain name into a browser, or use when
they send you an e-mail. You’re going to
have to spell it to people over the phone.
This is a true case of less being more!
Use keywords: Your domain name should
include one or more of your keywords.
Search engines can find you more easily
this way.
Put two words together: Consider
combining words. For example, you could add
2. Fill in the domain name that you’d like to register and then click the
Check Availability button.
There are a few rules to follow when selecting a domain name:
• You can’t use any spaces.
• Your name can use characters, numbers, and hyphens. After all,
nobody wants to go to *&$%!! (unless they stubbed their
toe in the middle of the night).
• The domain name should be less than 49 characters. Again typing
in www.a-really-ridiculously-long-boring-drawn-out- is just not fun!
If the domain you suggested is available, go on to Step 4. If the domain
you suggested is not available, Office Live presents you with the bad
news; see Step 3.
3. (Optional) If necessary, type another domain name.
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again — and again and again — until
you come up with something that works.
A good domain name is hard — if not impossible — to find. You’ll
probably find that most of the domain names that you try have already been
taken by someone else. Choose wisely. Wait a day or two if necessary.
That domain name is going to be with you for a long time to come!
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