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You might not be thrilled with the domain name you came up with. If
that’s the case, you can hit the Back button and keep trying.
4. Click the Confirm button if you are excited and happy about the
domain name that you have chosen.
5. Log into your Windows ID by filling in the Windows Live ID box (see
Figure 3-3).
In order to use Office Live you must have a Windows Live ID. You’ll use
this ID every time you log in to your Office Live account. If you already
have a Windows ID you can use it, or you can create a new ID associated
with the Office Live account.
Figure 3-3:
Creating a
Live ID and
6. Fill in — and repeat — your password.
Your password must be between 6 and 16 characters long and be case
sensitive. Office Live even has a rating system for grading your passwords:
Try again: It’s really not called try again , but if you come up with
an unacceptable password (such as your name or 1234), Office
Live won’t even bother to rate it — which is not a good sign!
Office Live rejects any password that contains all or part of your
e-mail address.
Weak: Office Live is none too thrilled with passwords that consist
of all-lowercase letters (coolbeans), all-uppercase letters
(DOLLARS), all numbers (007007), or even all symbols ($$&$$!).
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