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Medium: Office Live perks up slightly if you create a password
based on two keystroke types such as dummy0101 or money!!.
Strong: Office Live is thrilled with a password that includes three
types of keystrokes such as Dummy1234 or Money! that consists of
upper- and lowercase letters and symbols. You can even get clever
and use something like h3!Lpm3, which is a “strong” way of spelling
Help Me!
7. Fill in your top secret password reset information and click OK to
Just in case you forget your super special password, Office Live can
reset it for you if you’re able to answer some top secret questions. Guess
if you forget the answers to those questions you’ll be plumb out of luck!
8. Fill in your contact information and click OK.
Hopefully, entering such information as your name, address, and phone
number doesn’t leave you scratching your head too much. Fortunately,
you’re not asked to give your blood type.
9. Fill in your credit card information and click OK.
Your computer buzzes and hisses for a few moments but you’re soon
prompted to type your password (see Figure 3-4) so you can access your
brand-new Office Live site!
Figure 3-4:
Signing in to
Office Live.
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