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Taking the Office Live Tour
Most country clubs have nice reception areas with comfy chairs that you can
lounge in when you first enter. Office Live has a similar reception area.
Basically, the Home page of a Basics account is pretty much the same as the
Essentials and Premium accounts with a few small-but-noticeable differences:
You’ll see fewer ads floating across an Essentials or Premium home Page.
You have fewer features to access in the Basics account.
Exploring a new piece of software is very much like buying a new car. You
might feel a flutter of nervousness the first time it gets dark; you fumble for
the light switch and watch as the windshield wipers turn on. But before long,
the controls on your new car — and Office Live — start to feel like second
nature to you.
Figure 3-5 shows you what the Office Live Home page looks like.
Help link
Search box
Account information
Figure 3-5:
The Office
Live Basics
Home page.
Navigation bar
Although most of the items on the Home page are fairly self-explanatory, it’s
always nice to have a guided tour — so here you go. Just keep walking and
follow me!
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