Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Search box: A search box is conveniently located at the top of the Home
page. You can use it to search the Internet or to search for help on
Office Live.
Account information: The top right-hand corner includes your name,
and the name of your Web site. For example, you might register one
Office Live account to help you manage your business and another one
to help you organize your daughter’s Brownie troop. Seeing the
appropriate Web site name assures that you won’t send your best client four
dozen boxes of Girl Scout cookies by mistake.
To switch between accounts, click the Sign Out button that is located
beneath your account information. From there you can log in to one of
your other accounts.
Help: Like all good programs, Office Live comes equipped with a help
utility designed to give you just that. You can search for the answers to
your questions. You’re offered a few suggestions based on the area of
Office Live that you’re in when you cry for help. You can also browse
some of the most important topics.
Navigation bar: Just like Hansel and Gretel threw bread crumbs into the
forest to keep from getting lost, Office Live provides you with a
siteNavigation bar on the left side of your screen.
If you leave the Home page and navigate to another area of Office Live,
the Navigation bar changes slightly (compare Figure 3-6, which shows
the E-Mail page, to Figure 3-5); click Home and you’ll land with a plop
back on the Home page.
Figure 3-6:
bar shows
you are.
Get Started on Office Live: This area gives you several help articles,
smack dab in the middle of your Home page. These articles are “how-to”
instructions, aimed at setting up and using key Office Live elements.
Resource Center: The Resource Center at the right side of your Home
page contains articles designed to increase your productivity.
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